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The Jews and the Mosaic Law

By Isaac Leeser (1843).

Chapter 1 Conscience and Revelation
Chapter 2 Who Wrote the Pentateuch?
Chapter 3 Moses An Authentic Historian
Chapter 4 The Pentateuch
Chapter 5 The History of Revelation - Adam - Noah
Chapter 6 The History of Revelation - Abraham
Chapter 7 The History of Revelation - Isaac
Chapter 8 The History of Revelation - Jacob
Chapter 9 The Legation of Moses
Chapter 10 The Exodus
Chapter 11 The Israelites and Revelation
Chapter 12 The Descent on Sinai
Chapter 13 The Decalogue
Chapter 14 The Jewish Commonwealth
Chapter 15 The Bible and Paganism
Chapter 16 The Phylacteries
Chapter 17 The Festivals
Chapter 18 The Sacrifices
Chapter 19 The Forbidden Meats
Chapter 20 The Golden Calf
Chapter 21 Inspiration and Prophecy
Chapter 22 Fulfillment of Prophecy
Chapter 23 The Religion of the Bible
Chapter 24 The Hebrew Worship
Chapter 25 The Fasts and Ceremonies
Chapter 26 The Law and the Rabbins
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Essay 2
Essay 3
Essay 4