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Catechism For Jewish Children

By Isaac Leeser.



Miss Rebecca Gratz

Superintendent of the Sunday-School for
Religious Instruction of Israelites in Philadelphia.

Esteemed Friend: I have long wished for an opportunity to acknowledge my indebtedness to you for the approval you kindly bestowed on my youthful labours, and the frequent marks of friendship I received from you since my lot has been cast in this place. As this little book has been undertaken to assist your efforts, which have so far been crowned with signal success, to form an institution whence the waters of life might flow alike to the rich and the poor: permit me to inscribe it to you, that your respected name may contribute to its introduction into the houses and schools of our people who dwell in this land. Let me hope that this institution which you have founded, and all similar ones undertaken among the sons of Israel, may be blessed of the Master of our labour, and that the scholars educated therein may become faithful servants and willing followers of the Holy One of Jacob, our Redeemer. To you, however, and those connected with you in your pious efforts, may that great blessing be granted of "a place and a name in the house and within the walls of our Father, an everlasting name that shall not be cut off."

Wishing you peace and prosperity during your pilgrimage on earth, I subscribe myself, with sincere esteem, your friend and fellow-labourer.  Isaac Leeser.

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