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Token of Respect to the Rev. Mr. Gutheim of New Orleans


Our friend and correspondent, the Rev. J. K. Gutheim, has been settled at New Orleans, as the minister of the Shanaray Chassed congregation, but a little more than one year, and he has already succeeded in enlisting the approbation of his flock, who have, through their board of officers, lately presented him with a gold embroidered silk Tallith, as a token of their appreciation of his labours. We have been favoured with the correspondence which took place on that occasion between Mr. G. and the President, Mr. Isaac Hart, which we lay before our readers, as a matter for future reference, with more than usual pleasure.

New Orleans, January 20th, 5611. 

Rev. J. K. Gutheim—

Reverend and dear Sir:—The gentlemen composing the Board of Officers of the Congregation “Shanaray Chassed” beg leave to tender for your acceptance, the accompanying silk Tallith, as a token of their esteem and sentiment of your worth as their minister and for your private worth. Our orders not having been fully carried out, the article in question is not as valuable as we could have wished it; but we hope the will will be taken for the deed, and that you will receive it in the spirit it is tendered.

With the best wishes for your welfare on the part of those I represent, and with sentiments of regard, I remain, dear Sir,

Your obedient servant,
Isaac Hart


New Orleans, January 21st, 5611.

Dear Sir:—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the handsome silk Tallith, kindly presented to me by you, in behalf of the gentlemen comprising the Board of Officers of the Congregation Shanaray Chassed.

In returning my sincere thanks for the gift, I cannot but express my gratified feelings at the approbation with which the board of officers have thus far received my labours. Next to the approval of my conscience, it is the favourable opinion of the good and the honourable which I covet in the discharge of the duties of my calling. The flattering testimonial presented through you will be to me a stimulus to persevere in the course I have adopted, as well as a guarantee, on the part of the donors, that they will continue in their laudable efforts to promote the welfare of the congregation which, under your presidency, they so ably represent.

Requesting you to tender my grateful acknowledgments, add my warmest sentiments of esteem and regard, to the gentlemen comprising your board of officers, I have the honour to be, with the best wishes for the wel­fare of yourself and family,

Your faithful and obedient servant,
James K. Gutheim

President of the Congregation Shanaray Chassed.