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By Marion Hartog

Oh, draw not the avenger’s brand;
   Vengeance to One alone belongs,
It needeth not a mortal’s hand
   To vindicate thy wrongs,
There’s shame enough upon his brow,
God hath chastised him, why shouldst thou?

He who hath filled the world’s high place,
   Now, by the world, forsook,
In the deep anguish of disgrace,
   Quaileth before thy look. <<199>>
He does not meet thee hand to hand:
Then sheathe thou the avenger’s brand.

Save from the dark records of shame,
   His memory shall die,
While thine for aye preserved by fame,
   Shall shine a light on high,
To guide the youthful of the land:
Then sheathe thou the avenger’s brand.