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Jewish Lyrics.

No. II.

The Return of David.

By Mrs. Hartog.


Israel hath sent her thousands forth
To welcome Jesse's son,
And myriad voices shout his name,
As with the voice of one.


And youths and maidens fragrant flowers
Upon his pathway fling,
And blessings follow in the track
Of Israel's minstrel king.


An exiled outcast from the land
That minstrel went, and now
He comes, a sceptre in his hand,
A crown upon his brow.


Where now is he who drove him forth,
An outcast on the earth?
A wanderer and an exile
From the bright land of his birth?


That crowned head is lying low,
Crushed by the hand of fate;
The grave is his dominion now,
The earth-worm is his mate.


And the brave and princely Jonathan
Hath shared his father's fall,
And the poor exiled minstrel now
Will wear the crown of Saul.