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Philadelphia.—The fourth annual Hebrew Benevolent Ball, was given on the 21st ult., at the Musical Fund Hall in this city, under the highly efficient management of Messrs. A. Hart, L. J. Levy, J. L. Moss, A. S. Wolf, I. Bernheimer, M. Gans, S. Hart, E. P. Levy, M. Cauffman, H. Gratz, E. S. Elfelt, Moritz Arnold, D. Pesoa, and Isaac Levy; and we express but the opinion of the public, that these gentlemen deserve the greatest credit for their judicious arrangements and the care with which they superintended the amusements of the evening. Though the expenses were necessarily somewhat more than on previous occasions, we are happy to announce that the surplus for the purposes of charity, will reach five hundred and fifty dollars, to be divided among the three societies, the beneficiaries hitherto. The music was excellent, and so were the refreshments furnished to the ladies. Nearly six hundred persons attended, and order and propriety of bearing, distinguished all the company, and the ball appeared more like a sociable party than a public assembly; and we are sure that most persons present will always be glad to join such another reunion for the same worthy object.

Rev. Mr. Isaacs, delivered the address we spoke of at New Haven, we think, on the 19th of December, in fact, before our last number went to press. There were present, the Mayor of the city, and the professors and students of Yale College, and it is scarcely requisite for us to say, that Mr. Isaacs acquitted himself to the satisfaction of his enlightened audience. The choice to expound our doctrines before that assembly, could hardly have fallen upon a more worthy representative of Judaism.

Rev. Dr. Lilienthal has, since our last, been elected Chief Rabbi of the three German congregations in New York. The particulars of his installation will be found in a subsequent article from the pen of our intelligent correspondent J. K. G. The Reverend Doctor, has since his election preached in the Elm Street Synagogue, much to the edification of his audience. We trust that his election may be for the lasting benefit of the Synagogues over which he presides.

American Jewish Publication Society.—As the corresponding secretary of car new society, we acknowledge the receipt of letters containing remittances from Mr. Samuel Levy, of Hamburg, S. C., Mr. George Lyons, of Petersburg, Va., Mr. B. Lichtenstein, of Buffalo, N. Y, No. 3, of the Miscellany, will immediately be put to press.